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  2. Workshops on Doctoral Thesis Direction

Workshops on Doctoral Thesis Direction

In order to support thesis directors to deepen their knowledge on topics related to doctoral thesis direction and in alliance with the Center for Teaching Development, the UC offers three workshops for academics.

  • Workshop on the Role and Direction of Doctoral Thesis: Its purpose is to share experiences of thesis direction among academics, focusing on reflecting on the roles and responsibilities of thesis directors, analyzing the characteristics of the relationships established with students, reviewing characteristics and challenges of each stage of the thesis process.
  • Workshop on Feedback to Students in the Thesis Cycle: The purpose of this workshop is to review crucial aspects of the feedback given by the thesis director to the students’ work, seeking to identify the indispensable aspects of the feedback -both oral and written- given by the thesis director to the students’ work.
  • Workshop “Supporting the well-being of doctoral students”: This workshop has the general purpose of reflecting together with the thesis directors on the wellbeing of doctoral students and providing information on how to offer support in the face of problems that may impact their academic performance. This activity also has the rapporteur of the Student Mental Health Center who provide concrete tools to academics to recognize and support students who show signs of emotional distress during their doctoral studies.

For questions regarding the Thesis Advising Support Program, please write to apoyodirecciondetesis@uc.cl.