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Health insurance for Graduate Students

The UC Graduate School, of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Research (VRI) offers the benefit of financing Health Insurance for doctoral students who meet the following requirements:

  • Being a regular student, attending the ninth semester (at the most) of your doctoral program.
  • Not having health coverage from any of the Chilean public health coverage systems (Fonasa o Isapre) or any other health coverage systems.
  • Not having an ANID scholarship (former Conicyt) or equivalent that includes funding for health expenses.

Please note that this Health Insurance benefit is renewed annually and it is only available for doctoral students until the ninth semester of their program. That being said, from the tenth semester on, the Insurance must be afforded by each beneficiary.

If the beneficiary’s academic situation ceases to be regular, or they join another health care system, it is their responsibility to request the end of the contract in advance. Otherwise, future charges will continue and must be afforded by the enrollee.

If required, members of this Insurance can request the Certificate of Validity of Membership. For the affiliation process, contact Erika Castro at the email: ecastrom@uc.cl 

UC Health and Welfare has developed a QandA Set (in Spanish) to guide students with questions that may arise regarding coverage.

It should be noted that the health regulations were modified and the coverage may differ from the information provided previously. The decree is available for download below.

For more information you can download the health regulations:

cloud_downloadReglamento Salud y Bienestar Estudiantil_abril_2021 cloud_downloadInfografía: Seguro de salud estudiantes de postgrado EG UC (spanish)