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Community engagement

In an effort to promote and raise awareness of its mission and identity, our University has created policies and mechanisms to impact and transfer knowledge, engaging locally and internationally with the academic, cultural, social and productive environment.

Our commitment as the School of Graduates is to train professionals and researchers of excellence, capable of contributing to a better society, based on autonomy, integrity and creativity.

Postgraduate students have the opportunity to connect with different research centers, as well as institutions and universities abroad in a productive and technological environment. This in order to create a proper space for developing valuable dissertation projects that touch upon the difficulties that come from the challenges experienced by communities both in Chile and worldwide.

Opportunities for Community Engagement

International network and internationalization opportunities

Developing research, both in our University and worldwide, demands great openness and international engagement. This engagement is materialized through 3 areas in our doctoral programs at UC:

  • Collaboration between institutions to make possible residency research work and joint doctoral supervisions on dissertations leading to a double or a joint degree.
  • Recruitment and retention of highly qualified international students.
  • Favorable conditions for “internationalization at home”, thanks to the visit of foreign professors, curriculum internationalization and international connections and activities.

UC Innovation Center – Anacleto Angelini

This innovation center promotes a pro-innovation and entrepreneurial culture and environment through meetings, networking and the furtherance of joint projects between the academic field and the private and public sector.

Additionally, it offers a support program and protocols, as also guidance and monitoring for students on joint doctoral dissertation projects that collaborate with the industry, and any collaborative project involving Capital Humano Avanzado UC.

UC Network of Regional Stations and Centers (RCER)

With centers located in the desert, sea, forests and glaciers, our UC Network of Regional Stations is composed of the most representative ecosystems in Chile, allowing the study and research of complex phenomena like climate change from a diverse and comparative perspective.

This network includes six stations and centers, and their main purpose is to promote and enhance the work of researchers and new practitioners training, contributing to both local communities and the whole country.

Scientific Centers of Excellence

All 22 UC Scientific Centers of Excellence have a fundamental role in knowledge creation cross-borders. Through this expansion in the access to knowledge, the opening of dialogue, and their contribution to the construction of a better future for Chile and the rest of the world, spaces are open for the internationalization and the global impact of projects led by our students.

UC Centers

The UC Interdisciplinary Centers of Research seek to promote knowledge and projects in certain areas, with the work of researchers and professionals from different departments and units of UC. This is done along with the promotion of the developed projects and their implementation for the benefit of society.