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About us

Our Graduate School was created with the mission of ensuring the quality of the doctoral programs imparted by the University.

Our commitment is to facilitate policies and mechanisms to help curricular flexibility for our students and to promote the internationalization and interdisciplinary nature of our courses.

The Graduate School, through its multidisciplinary team, is in charge of all the 39 doctoral programs taught by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In addition, the Programs Directorate and Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Research are in charge of ensuring the quality of our academic offer.

Quality Assurance Area

  • Support for accreditation processes.
  • Follow-up and mentoring for the development plans of all programs
  • Internationalization and future relationship with strategic partners.

Scholarships and Grants

  • UC scholarships and grants for doctoral students.
  • Support program for ANID (National Agency for Research and Development) Scholarship applications.

Curricular Area

  • Regulatory matters.
  • Creation and modification of programs.
  • Transversal Skills Program (TSP).
  • Curricular monitoring of doctoral students.


  • Promote and strengthen strategies and mechanisms for internationalization and cooperation with strategic partners.
  • Guide, support and accompany international students in their integration process to the UC community and in Chile.
  • Attract top-level foreign students.

Support for the Doctoral Thesis Supervision

  • Promote excellence in doctoral training.
  • Install an Institutional policy for the direction of a doctoral thesis.
  • Develop support mechanisms for the development of the thesis for students and academics.

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Quality assurance

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Malgorzata Lange


Responsible for Accreditation and Follow-Up: Denisse Lassnibatt denisse.lassnibatt@uc.cl


  • To support doctoral programs during their accreditation processes; to monitor the development plans of the programs.
  • To promote and reinforce the strategies and mechanisms of the internationalization of doctoral students and their relationships with strategic partners.
  • To provide support in the process of creating doctoral programs.

Areas of action:

  • Instances of induction to the accreditation process.
  • Supporting and monitoring of accreditation processes: accreditation as a continuous process rather than a highlight.
  • Improving access to information for doctoral programs, especially in relation to agreements with international institutions.
  • Increasing the use of existing co-tutoring agreements.
  • Production of manuals and instructions to facilitate the processes of accreditation, co-guardianship management, agreements, creation of programs, and so on.
  • Development of guidance material to support the Faculties with the documentation for the CNA. Good Practice Manual.
  • Development of a Manual of Ethical Integrity in doctoral programs.

Scholarships and funds

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  • Management of internal competitive funds for doctoral students (VRI scholarships, internships, etc.)
  • Management of international competitive funds.
  • Guidance and support for students to access financial opportunities for the development of their doctoral careers.

Contact us: concursosdoctorados@uc.cl

Areas of action


Curricular area

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Coordinator: Cynthia Castillo  cycastillo@uc.cl

Assistant: María Inés Torres mariaines.torres@uc.cl

  • This area advises programs and students about their curricular progress, graduation requirements, current regulations and study programs.
  • Manages and coordinates the Transversal Skills Program (Programa de Habilidades Transversales) (PHT) composed of:
    • Workshops: Complementary training in addition to the study programs to develop transversal skills and knowledge.
    • English Courses: courses to improve the learning and proper use of English as a second language.
    • Data analysis of the student’s academic history to facilitate curricular monitoring and to ensure that they meet the required steps to graduate and to apply to the residency benefit.
  • Documents and protocols
  • Transversal Skills Workshops and English Courses






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Coordinator: Claire Voisine cvoisine@uc.cl

Areas of action:
  • Dissemination, management and monitoring of internationalization activities and opportunities at home and abroad
  • Support to doctoral programs in the development of their internationalization strategy and link with international partners
  • Production of manuals and instructions, organization of training instances to facilitate and improve the management of international agreements and co-supervision
    Improved access to information related to agreements with international institutions
  • Development of orientation material and organization of talks aimed at international students to prepare and facilitate their arrival and integration into the UC community and in Chile
  • Organization of Summer / Winter Schools and other instances of dissemination of UC doctoral training.
  • Coordination of the participation of the UC doctoral community in international networks (U21, ODUCAL, etc …)

Support for the Doctoral Thesis Supervision

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Coordinator: Alejandra Águila anaguila@uc.cl

  • Promote excellence in doctoral training.
  • Install an Institutional policy for the direction of doctoral thesis.
  • Develop support mechanisms for the development of the thesis for students and academics.

Areas of action

  • Preparation and dissemination of the policy on the direction of doctoral thesis embodied in the
    documents: Guide to Support the Thesis Direction and Guiding Framework for a Good
    Coexistence in the Doctorate.
  • Follow-up to the use of the thesis supervision support tools by the students.
    programs that join this initiative.
  • Follow-up to the use of the thesis supervision support tools by the students.
    programs that join this initiative.
  • Development and strengthening of workshops on doctoral thesis management for academics
    in alliance with CDDoc.
  • Development and strengthening of activities to support the thesis process for students
    in alliance with CARA, Libraries, Student Health, etc.
  • Preparation of support material related to the thesis process.
  • Maintenance and updating of information on cloisters and students in the
    doctoral research.

Contact us:

Alameda 324, 4th floor, Santiago.
(+56) 2108 22354