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Student Representation

The Academic Council of UC Graduate Students (CADEPUC) is formed in order for UC graduate students to build a fairer graduate community.

Each program has a student representative who is elected by their peers and acts on behalf of their peers. On the other hand, there is a CADEPUC, which is the UC Graduate Student Academic Council. We invite you to get to know this organization.


The UC Graduate Student Academic Council (CADEPUC) seeks to build a more equitable and diverse graduate community, one that is capable of channeling the student’s interests in relation to the University and other institutions.

CADEPUC reflects the active role of our students through monthly sessions, involving all democratically elected Master’s and doctoral representatives -which gives them the right to speak and vote- and all postgraduate students who are interested in participating -which gives them the right to speak.

CAPEDUC attempts to address the complexities and issues concerning the University Community. Some of the Commissions in charge of this mission are:

  • Mothers and Fathers Commission
  • International Students Commission
  • Advisor and Student Relations Commission

In order to address these issues, CAPEDUC seeks to promote the participation of all commissions, where both elected representatives and postgraduate students participate, even if they are not representatives of their own programs.

If you are interested in participating, or you have any questions or comments, please contact CADEPUC Board at cadepuc@uc.cl or follow their social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.