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The Office of the Vice President for Research (VRI) offers competitive funds to encourage the internationalization of doctoral studies, including extended internships abroad and participation in international conferences (Competitive funds for internationalization).

Conducting research in a globalized world requires greater openness and strong international ties. The internationalization of UC doctoral programs is based on:

  • Institutional agreements for research internships and double or joint degrees in universities and centers of excellence abroad.
  • Recruitment of top-level foreign students.
  • A context propitious for “internationalization at home” – the constant presence of foreign visiting scholars, internationalized curricula, a high number of foreign students, and international networks and activities.

In this regard, UC has subscribed to several cooperation agreements with the most prestigious international universities.

Mobility agreements:

CINDA (Interuniversity Development Center)

The purpose of this agreement is to enrich the training of postgraduate students through mobility and the exchange of good practices and resources between universities. The aim is to train highly qualified human capital, generate new knowledge, socio-economic development and international understanding. Check out the institutions that are part of this program on the CINDA official website.

International Doctorates

1. International Doctoral Program in Science, in partnership with the following universities:

The faculties participating in this agreement are Physics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering.

A certificate of “International Doctor in Science” is awarded along with the doctoral diploma after completing the requirements of the agreement. The students can also apply for a double degree with one of the participating universities. 

2. International PhD Program in “Contemporary Humanism” in partnership with the following institutions:

This program is available for students conducting research in the area of Education, Philosophy, Religion, and Literature and Social Sciences. 

Students who enter this program can apply for a double degree with one of the participating universities.

Vice-Presidency for International Affairs