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The university is committed to fostering advanced research in a globalized world, promoting its dissemination and engagement at both national and international levels.

From UC Chile Graduate School, we promote the internationalization of doctoral programs through the following:

  • Inter-institutional cooperation for conducting research stays and thesis co-supervisions leading to dual or joint degrees at universities and centers of excellence abroad.
  • Attraction of top-tier foreign students.
  • Conditions for “internationalization-at-home”: This is achieved through the constant visits of foreign academics, internationalization of the curriculum, a high number of foreign students, as well as international networks and activities.

To achieve this, the Vice-Presidency for Research provides competitively awarded funds to support research internships, dual-degree co-supervision, and the organization of international seminars.

Framework Agreements

Framework Agreements for Dual Degree/Joint Degree Co-supervision

These agreements for dual or joint degree co-supervision in doctoral programs are partnerships with foreign universities that allow students to develop their theses under the shared responsibility and supervision of two advisors – one at the home university and another, as a co-advisor, at the host university – and undertake a substantial period of study at the university where the co-advisor is affiliated.

You can review the various framework agreements, both of a general nature and specific to doctoral programs, in Joint Doctoral Supervision Framework Agreements.


International Doctoral Programs

These agreements are designed for doctoral program students in specific areas to undertake a dual degree co-supervision at some of the universities affiliated with these two agreements.

For doctoral programs in the Faculties of Biological Sciences, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

An International Doctorate in Sciences certificate is awarded alongside the doctoral diploma upon fulfilling the agreement’s requirements.

For doctoral programs in the Faculties of Social Sciences, Education, Philosophy, Literature, and Theology.


Research Internship Program for International PhD Students

If you are a doctoral student at a foreign university and are interested in coming to UC Chile for a research internship in one of our 39 doctoral programs, we invite you to apply to our Research Internship Program.


It is important to emphasize that due to the nature of the activities, students will undertake at the university, participants in this program cannot enroll in courses and/or receive UC Chile credits for their research.


Searching for a UC Chile Supervisor

If you have not yet confirmed a UC Chile supervisor, we recommend that you review our available doctoral programs, their research lines, and the academics with whom you would be interested in conducting research. For more information or guidance, you can directly contact the doctoral program.

If you already have an academic who will supervise your internship at UC Chile, please contact Florencia Roncone, the Coordinator of Internationalization at the Graduate School (fsroncone@uc.cl), who will provide you with instructions on how to submit your application.

Application Documents

To apply for the internship program, some of the documents you will be asked for when filling out the form include:

  • Letter from the home university indicating that the student is authorized to undertake the internship.
  • Invitation letter from a UC Chile academic host, specifying the duration of the student’s stay.
  • Work plan and/or activities to be carried out during the internship.
  • Letter of motivation for conducting the doctoral internship at the university.

For the other documents and application instructions, you can obtain them by contacting Florencia Roncone.

Benefits of the Research Internship Program for International PhD Students

Every international doctoral student who comes to UC Chile for an internship will have access to an institutional email account, academic portals, infrastructure, as well as a student card (TUC) that grants access to the university’s various campuses and facilities.


They will also receive support and guidance from the Vice-Presidency for International Affairs in terms of immigration procedures, information about arriving in Chile, and information about the university.


Florencia Roncone, Coordinator of Internationalization at the Graduate School – fsroncone@uc.cl

Vice-Presidency for International Affairs


Graduate School

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