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Student Welfare

Our University seeks to promote good habits and to preserve the good health of our students. As members of our Community, they have access to the UC Student Health Department and the following services:

  • Online counseling for anxiety, stress and sleep. To schedule an appointment, download and complete the form and submit it to ansiedad@uc.cl
  • Parents Program. The program offers various resources and activities such as individual and general breastfeeding counseling, workshops, support networks and others. You can enroll in this program by submitting this form. For further information, email us at: madresypadres@uc.cl.
  • Sexual Health Counseling. Counseling is performed online and can be scheduled at saludsexual@uc.cl
  • Support for Sexual Violence Victims and Prevention. Assistance is offered through the following channels: unidadviolenciasexual@uc.cl and phone number +569 58145618. Additional information is also available at this link.
  • Self-Help. Audiovisual resources developed by the psychologists of our Anxiety, Stress and Sleep Team are available to students to promote self-care and improve physical and mental wellbeing. To learn more, check our Self-Help section.
  • Exercise routines to practice at home. We provide audiovisual material of routines that do not require any type of equipment. Check the routines.
  • Online consultation and dental advice. Request a professional’s assistance through this form. If you have any questions, you can also email us at secretariadental@uc.cl for additional help.


To learn more about the programs, check the Spanish version of our section Student Health.