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  2. Thesis Direction and Student Follow-up

Thesis Direction and Student Follow-up

In order to support the student’s progress during the research cycle, we propose a model of thesis direction associated with its follow-up based on the use of support tools for thesis direction at two graduation milestones, which are the following:

How to use these tools

  1. Alignment of Expectations: This is completed by the student and thesis advisor prior to the Advising Agreement. After which they should meet to discuss the thesis advising process.
  2. Thesis direction agreement: Completed by the student and approved by the thesis director, who will send it to the Head of the Program in order to review it and forward it to the members of the Thesis Committee.
  3. Thesis Logbook: Completed by the student, who sends it to the thesis director and/or co-director for validation.

They are used in association with graduation milestones, following the following temporal scheme:

Contact: for questions related to the Thesis Advising Support Program, please write to: apoyodirecciondetesis@uc.cl