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Research cycle support

In order to participate in the development of our doctoral students’ theses, the UC Graduate School offers opportunities to support their doctoral research processes.

Lectures on academic achievement support

In alliance with CARA, we offer talks aimed at supporting our students.

  • Time management for doctoral students: The goal of these talks is to support and guide students in managing their time through practical tools.
  • Concentration problems in the doctorate?: The activity explains how concentration works and provide tools to improve concentration levels as well as support alternatives to strengthen these tools.


Workshops on the resources offered by the UC Libraries

In alliance with Bibliotecas UC, workshops are offered to train students in the access and effective use of international databases and will contribute to the development of their general research skills.

  • How to perform effective searches for information in your area: The goal of this workshop is to give the students the skill to perform effective searches for information through the library search engine and databases provided by the UC. The workshop also provides recommendations to incorporate into the search process in order to optimize the time invested and the quality of the searches.
  • Discover academic journals of your interest to publish in: The workshop provides information on the resources and services available at UC, with emphasis on the databases and respective analysis tools of Web of Science and Scopus. The workshop also provides useful tips to facilitate the publication process.
  • Mendeley: citations and bibliographies in one click: The correct citation and creation of bibliographies is essential for the proper development of a doctoral thesis. At the same time, the use and practice of the bibliographic manager Mendeley is considered.
  • ORCID Researcher Profile Creation: Open Researcher & Contributor IC (ORCID) is a non-profit organization that provides a unique identification code for authors and contributors to scientific publications. Nature, Wiley, Taylor & Francis are just some of the international publishers that apply to ORCID. For the UC it is also a requirement for applying to competitions of the Vice Rector’s Office for Research (VRI), so the creation of a profile on the platform is of utmost importance.


Cycle of activities on health and wellness for doctoral students

In partnership with the DAE’s Student Health and Wellness Department, lectures and workshops are offered to provide doctoral students with tools to deal with anxiety and academic stress, techniques to promote good sleep, as well as guided mindfulness practices.

  • “Anxiety and stress: strategies on how to cope with it”: The purpose of this talk is to review what anxiety is, what stress is, its functions, manifestations, and strategies, in order to be able to prevent and cope with it.
  • “Good sleep: its benefits and how to achieve it”: This talk addresses the functions of sleep and its benefits. Different strategies and habits to promote good sleep are reviewed. A key element for well-being and academic performance.
  • “Self-care workshop: guided mindfulness practice”: Practical session where we review what is self-care, mindfulness and its benefits, and then put into action a guided practice.
  • Talks on prevention and support in case of sexual violence: Together with the Sexual Violence Prevention Program, we hold talks aimed at doctoral students, to socialize the policies and protocols that the university has for the prevention and support in case of sexual violence.

For questions about issues related to the Thesis Support Program, please write to the email apoyodirecciondetesis@uc.cl