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Documents Required for International Students

International students must obtain temporary residence student visa to study in Chile.

Before arriving in Chile

Temporary Residence Student Visa:

Temporary Residence Student Visa applications must be lodged from outside Chile through Digital Official Website from the Migration National Service (Servicio Nacional de Migraciones) which relies on the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Security.  

You can send your application from any country throughout the year; however, we strongly recommend that you submit your application with at least 3 months prior to coming to Chile


  • It is not guaranteed that a Temporary Residence Student (Visa) Will be issued even if you meet the Temporary Residence Student (Visa) requirements.
  • The Temporary Residence Student (Visa) fee depends on the citizenship of the applicant. You must pay the fee before you submit your Temporary Residence Student (Visa)application.
  • We recommend you have several copies (or digital version) of your Passport (biodata page) and Temporary Residence Student (Visa)Stamp (which you download form the relevant portal once the Temporary Residence Student (Visa) has been granted).
  • Once a Temporary Residence Student (Visa)has been granted, you will have up to 120 days to download your Electronic Temporary Residence Student (Visa) Stamp (Estampado Electrónico) and once downloaded, you have 90 days to enter Chile.
  • The Temporary Residence Student (Visa) is valid for 2 years renewable counted from the date you enter Chile and allows you to work up to 30 hours a week.
  • Consulates are no longer responsible for Temporary Residence Student (Visa) applications.
  • If you enter Chile as a tourist (permanencia transitoria), you will be unable to change your migration category as previously allowed.

Once in Chile:

  1. Chilean ID for Foreigners (RUT):

    You must make an appointment to obtain the identity card (RUT) at one the offices of the Registro Civil e Identificación, within 30 days after the arrival in Chile for you and each of your family members through this link.

    The identity card for foreigners is the official document that confirms the identity of a foreign person. It contains the person’s full name, nationality, visa, Rol Único Nacional (RUN) and gender, in addition to the photograph, signature and fingerprint. The Rol Único Nacional (RUN, also known as RUT) is the unique and unrepeatable identification number that every Chilean and resident has. It also applies to all foreigners who remain in our country, either temporarily or permanently.

    IMPORTANT: It is crucial that you obtain this document for all the procedures that you need to carry out in Chile. You will need it to open a bank account, to contract internet services and to sign an agreement with ANID if you obtain the scholarship. 

  2. Temporary Residence Student (Visa) Extension:

    The Temporary Residence Student (Visa):is granted for a maximum of two years, renewable until you complete your studies. In the case of some scholarship holders, the Temporary Residence Student (Visa) may be granted for the duration of the scholarship.

    You may extend the duration of your Temporary Residence Student (Visa) if you maintain the conditions under which the Temporary Residence Student (Visa) was granted. You must apply within 90 days and no less than 10 days before the expiration of the Temporary Residence Student (Visa) you hold. You can apply for your Temporary Residence Student (Visa)extension at tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl with your Clave Única.

    When requesting your Temporary Residence Student (Visa) extension or permanent residence, you must complete several sections, including personal information, contact information, activity and educational level and upload the general and specific documentation, according to your situation.

    After submitting your application online, you will automatically receive by email a receipt indicating that your application has been received with a QR code. This document will certify your legal residence in the country until you obtain your new Temporary Residence Student (Visa).

  3. Clave única:

    It is a unique password to access all State services in an easy and safe way since it is like a digital identity card.  You can obtain this password by going to any office of the Registro Civil e Identificación, or by booking an online appointment. In any case, you need to have your Chilean ID (RUT) to request this password.

    If you have doubts about applying for your student visa, requesting the extension, or obtaining the Clave única, you can check the following guideline. 


If you have questions regarding visa issues or topics related to your relocation, please send an email to Catalina Cea (cacea@uc.cl), ​UC International Community Officer at the Vice-Presidency for International Affairs (VRAI).