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Sports Department

UC promotes and seeks to preserve the student’s good health through sports. The Sports Department offers a series of sports activities and resources for the students, from tennis courts to weight rooms, just to name a few.

This unit belongs to the Student Affairs Office (DAE). Its purpose is to promote sports and physical activity among the community, through sports classes, workshops, massive events and the access to sports facilities. The UC Sports Department it’s open to all students, professors, and staff members of the university.

These sports activities may be performed at the academic level (sports courses credits), competitive level (college teams and internal championships), and recreational level (workshops and massive events).

Facilities located at San Joaquín Campus are open to all students for recreational and sport purposes.
To make a reservation for a tennis court, to schedule a visit to the tennis school, or if you need more information about championships, please visit UC Tennis.

The weight room may be used freely from Monday to Saturday without making a previous reservation. Some of the available exercise equipment are elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary bicycles, a swimming pool and a climbing boulder, among others.

All reservations are free of charge, except for the use of the synthetic grass soccer fields and the swimming pool.
For more information, please contact us at 22354 4738 and +569 98221231, or visit the Spanish version of the Sports section on our website.