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Residence visas for students are granted to foreigners who travel to Chile to study as regular students, at State-owned educational establishments or privately owned ones recognized by the State. In general, visas only allow students to study, i.e. it does not allow them to carry out other activities, particularly, work. Visas last for a maximum period of one year and may be renewed until studies have been completed. Extensions are granted contingent on the continued existence of the conditions under which the visa was issued. Visa holders may change to another educational establishment without requiring a new residence permit. This must be requested 90 days prior to the expiration date of the pertinent visa.

Students intending to study at the Catholic University would be well advised to obtain their student visa at the pertinent Chilean Consulate in their country of origin. Within 30 days after arriving in Santiago students must register the visa with the Immigration Department (Policía Internacional).

When students do not obtain visas in their countries of origin and do so in another country and then enter Chile on a tourist visa, they must report to the Immigration Department (Departamento de Extranjería y Migraciones) within 30 days after arrival.

To obtain a scholarship and also a student visa, a letter of acceptance in a doctoral program at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is required. No photocopies or electronic copies of the document are accepted. To process these applications, the original acceptance letter must be presented.

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Identity Card

Once the visa has been processed, students must obtain an Identity Card for Foreigners at the Civil Registry and Identification Bureau (Registro Civil e Identificación), within 30 days after the date on which the certificate of permanent residence is stamped on the passport of the pertinent visa.

Students who exceed the 30 day time limit for requesting an Identity Card must obtain a special permit from the Departamento de Extranjería y Migración, Ministerio del Interior or from the Intendencia Regional Metropolitana prior to completing the pertinent procedure.

To process these requests students will need a valid passport with the residence visa stamped on the passport and certification that they are registered in the registry of foreigners of the Immigration Department (Policía International); proof of payment for the cost of the Identity Card; a photocopy of the passport pages proving the identity of the holder, the validity of the passport and the visa granted, the date of entry into Chile (in the event of a consular visa) and the foreigners registration card. The deadline established by the Registro Civil e Identificación for processing a first-time request for an Identity Card for foreigners is eight business days.

Departamento de Extranjería y Migraciones www.extranjeria.gob.cl

Call center: 600 486 3000

Policía Internacional: www.policia.cl/extranjeria/portada.htm

Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación: www.registrocivil.cl/

Intendencia Región Metropolitana: www.intendenciametropolitana.gov.cl