About Santiago

Santiago is located in the Metropolitan Region. It has over 6.6 million inhabitants and many interesting historical, tourist and recreational sites to visit. It is a safe city, although, as in any other large city, the necessary precautions must be taken.

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This is the capital’s integrated public transport system consisting of intercity buses and subway lines (Metro) that connect the towns and streets of Santiago. To use public transport in Santiago —the Transantiago buses and the Metro— you need to have a "bip!" card. Cards can be purchased and then reloaded at Metro station cashiers or at "Servipag" payment facilities and others.

For further information see:

Transantiago: www.transantiago.cl

Bip! card: www.tarjetabip.cl

Servipag: www.servipag.cl

Santiago’s Metro System

Santiago’s subway system has five lines (lines 1, 2, 4, 4A and 5) and combinations to the Transantiago buses. All the information needed to move around Santiago can be found on the official web site, such as maps, line combinations, trip planning, timetables, etc.


Call Center: 600 600 9292


Places to visit in Santiago

Santiago’s attractions include parks, museums, art galleries, palaces, monuments, etc. Some old-time buildings can still be found in downtown Santiago. The city’s colonial outlay is easy to distinguish at the Plaza de Armas, where the Cathedral is located, as are the National Historic Museum, the main post office (Correos de Chile) and the Municipality of Santiago.

The Fine Arts Museum, the National Library, the Casa Colorada Museum, the Pre-Columbian Art Museum, the Municipal Theater and the Moneda Presidential Palace (where the executive branch is housed), are also downtown.

Fresh fish and shellfish can be had at the Mercado Central (Central Market). Another fun activity is to visit the skiing resorts near Santiago which have very good and modern infrastructure.

Artistic and Cultural Performances

There is a wide range of artistic and cultural performances available in the city. They range from free shows to the most sophisticated national and international performances. Santiago offers multiple classical music concerts and performances by well-known national and international artists in theater, ballet, opera, film and all kinds of recreational activities. Cultural centers in the different city districts are worth a visit. The most important ones are the Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda and the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM), both in the downtown area.