Student Integration

Welcoming Committee

The UC Welcoming Committee (CAUC) is formed by a group of Chilean and international university students. Their mission is to help international students become integrated to the University and the country. Different recreational and cultural activities are carried out to help students interact with other students and also to learn more about Chile’s culture. Students can register through the website to receive invitations to the different activities organized by CAUC.


Graduate Circle

The Graduate Circle is a section of the Vive la UC website, through which the Directorate of Student Affairs (DAE) informs and provides guidance to graduate students on subjects related to University life. It is a centralized space for graduate students to find the information they need to carry out the full development of their educational process (news, scholarships, academic and cultural activities, etc.). It also provides international students with necessary information on academic procedures and practical information about Santiago and Chile, among other matters. In addition, there is a monthly bulletin with news and information of interest to graduate students who may also join the Facebook group "UC Graduate Students" to follow the latest developments.

Graduate Circle www.vidauniversitaria.uc.cl/postgrado

Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/postgradouc/