Come and do Research at UC

ven a investigar a la UCThe level achieved by academic institutions in Chile has made it an attractive country to visit, study, and do research. This is reflected in the steady increase of international students and academic mobility in Chile’s higher education institutions.

Chile has natural laboratories and a large increase in domestic and foreign investment in science and technology. Moreover, the stimulation is given to innovation, joint work between the public and private sectors, and the emphasis on increasing advanced human capital, marks the current scenario in fields like research, an area where universities, especially UC, are in the lead.

The history of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (UC), its organizational abilities, the stability and excellence of its academic staff, the quality of its infrastructure, the benefits and scholarships and its international reputation, in addition to the strategic alliance with the most important universities in the world, have made UC the highest in demand among higher education institutions by both Chileans and international students.

UC is one of the most important educational institutions in Chile and Latin America. In 2013, the National Education Council reported that, in terms of undergraduate studies, Catholic University is the Chilean university that attracts the largest number of international students in the country: one out of every four new incoming students is an international student.

Research is carried out in all fields at the university, with 39 doctorates ranging from Arts to Neuroscience. UC has more than 600 ongoing research projects and 1,395 ISI publications (ISI 203).

Over 1,200 students are enrolled in the doctoral programs at UC. Out of the total, 28 percent are international students from 32 countries, mostly from South America. Throughout its history, more than 1,300 PhDs have graduated from UC and the University continues to help create a critical mass of researchers in Chile and abroad.

The University’s leadership in research and graduate programs has had considerable influence on society and the scientific community in Chile and Latin America. It has become an important research center in social sciences, natural sciences, health, economics, agriculture, philosophy, theology, arts, and letters. In addition, research activities at UC make it possible to support doctoral programs and create a stimulating educational and intellectual environment.