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  2. Residence Benefit Allocation (AVG) 2nd semester 2021

Residence Benefit Allocation (AVG) 2nd semester 2021


The Residency Benefit supports students who have completed their study plan, including the credits of the Thesis, but who still have pending completion of it (defense or final exam). It is recognized in the systems as “Student in Graduation Pathways” or “AVG Doctorate”.


  • Have enrolled and approved in previous semesters, all the credits and activities of the study plan, including the credits of the Thesis courses, annual follow-up activities, internship, scientific article, English tests (CPD0100 and CPD8000), and transversal skills workshops.
  • Have the Candidacy Exam and Thesis Project approved (associated acronyms must appear in the accumulated academic record qualified).
  • Not having courses pending to qualify (P grades) in the academic record. Exceptionally, I will be accepted in the last course of the Doctoral Thesis, the Internship Abroad, the Scientific Article, the Annual Follow-up Activity II, and the English certification (CPD8000 – Sufficiency English Test).
  • Not having courses of any kind enrolled in the semester in which the Residence Benefit will be assigned.


  • Release of 100% of the registration fee for the semester in which the student was benefited.
  • This benefit frees the student 100% of the semester tuition fee and keeps him linked to the University. In this way, it allows you to access the services of Student Health, Library, TUC, Portal, and UC mail.

Important dates

  • Applications opening

    June 14, 2021

  • Applications closure

    June 21, 2021


  • Contest results

    To be confirmed


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