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Doctoral Program in Physics

school Degree

Doctor in Physics

schedule Duration

8 semesters

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02/09/2024 - 30/09/2024

date_range Classes start

March 2025

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attach_money Tuition

$4.510.000 (annually)

Program Description

This face-to-face program aims to research in Physics and graduates in Physics, Engineering, or related degrees. The student carries out advanced studies that deepen the line of research and obtains his candidacy for the degree of doctor once he has defended his thesis project and passed the candidacy examination. The program considers 30 credits of supervised work and 250 credits of the thesis developed under the supervision of a professor from the Faculty of Physics. Additionally, there are multiple possibilities of co-tutelage with international universities to access double degrees.

Years of Accreditation

  • 8 years

Program Objectives

Train independent researchers capacitated to propose and develop an original research project.

Learning Outcomes

The Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from the Universidad Católica will propose and develop an original research project, either in the area of Theoretical Physics or Experimental Physics. Our doctors will also be able to participate in developing projects and innovative ideas in industries with a sophisticated technological profile. The profile of the graduate of our program must correspond to an independent researcher who has already achieved a deep level of knowledge in a specific area of Physics. Our doctorates must be able, in the same way, to join both national and international research teams.

Research Areas

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  • Quantum and Classical Optics
  • High Energy Physics
  • Plasma Physics
  • Mathematical and Nonlinear Physics
  • Medical physics
  • Experimental Condensed Matter
  • Theoretical Condensed Matter

Application Requirements

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  1. Legalized photocopy of the titles and / or certificates of titles.
  2. Extensive curriculum vitae, describing in detail your participation in research activities.
  3. Certificate of the academic degree of Bachelor of Geography, or in other areas comparable to the discipline’s requirements (in the area of ​​Earth Sciences or Social Sciences), granted by a national or foreign university.
  4. If applicable, Master’s certificate in Geography or related areas, awarded by a national or foreign university.
  5. Letter of intent where the areas of research interest about the Doctoral Program, possible lines of thesis work, and previous experience are made explicit. This text must be addressed to the doctoral committee of the Program.
  6. Certificate of compliance with minimum requirements of English language proficiency. If they do not have such accreditation and if accepted, the applicant will undertake to obtain it within the development of the Doctorate Program in Geography.
  7. Three letters of recommendation from academics with a doctorate in Geographical Science, Earth Sciences, or Social Sciences, in which testimony is offered on the intellectual value and suitability of the candidates.
  8. Presentation of a written work previously qualified during their previous studies, which in their opinion is the best example of their abilities as a researcher. This work can be a chapter of your undergraduate, Master’s thesis, or another whose length does not exceed twenty pages.
  9. Certificate or official letter from your university institution stating the place you occupied (ranking), according to your qualifications, in your graduation cohort and the number of students that made up said cohort in the last five years.
  10. Certificate of qualifications of the courses approved and failed by the applicants during their undergraduate degree.
  11. Online application form.

Graduation Requirements

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To obtain the Doctor of Philosophy in Physics degree, students must:

  • Have approved the study plan for the Physics Doctorate, consisting of a total of 380 credits
  • Have supported the research and original text of the thesis by the Thesis Committee
  • Have had a minimum stay of four semesters in the Program
  • Have passed the thesis, including the public defense exam
  • Have accredited advanced command of the English language with application in academic fields, equivalent to the upper score of level B2 (Independent User) according to the Common European Framework of reference for languages ​​and by the operationalization protocol established by the Directorate of Doctorate of the Vice-rectory for Research, or by presenting an international certification equivalent to that defined by said Directorate for validation
  • Be the lead author on at least one scientific article accepted in a mainstream journal or book that reflects the student’s thesis work. If this requirement cannot be met, the Graduate Committee will evaluate the student’s participation in the accepted publication. Alternatively, the student may be the principal inventor of a pending and applied for a patent.
  • Have approved at least three transversal skills workshops (CPD), one of which must be ethical
  • Have carried out two annual monitoring activities while the student was in a regular situation
  • Comply with the provisions of the current Student Regulations of the Doctoral Program.

Unidades académicas

For further information, please visit the website for this Doctoral Program

For further information, please visit the website for this Doctoral Program

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