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  2. Doctoral Program in Mathematics

Doctoral Program in Mathematics

school Degree

Doctor in Mathematics

schedule Duration

8 semesters

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01/04/2024 - 06/10/2024

date_range Classes start

March 2025

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attach_money Tuition

$4.606.000 (annually)

Program Description

Our Doctoral program offers a solid background in analysis, algebra, and in-depth training in some of the program’s research areas, which are addressed in elective courses. Our students develop research skills in mathematics, in particular logical and analytical skills that allow them to formulate relevant problems and strategies to solve them. They also consolidate their skills in communicating the results of such research, for example, in the writing of articles and the presentation of lectures or conferences.

Years of Accreditation

  • Seven years.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Doctoral program are:

  • To deliver fundamental and advanced knowledge in a broad spectrum of mathematics.
  • To develop our students’ logical, analytical, and creative skills for understanding and solving mathematical research problems.
  • To train autonomous researchers and scientists of international excellence.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Mathematics will work as academics and/or researchers in universities and research centers of the international level.

Research Areas

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Applied Mathematics

Partial Differential Equations


Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry


Dynamical Systems


Application Requirements

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  1. To hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or a title or academic degree equivalent to that of Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In case of having academic degrees of foreign origin, these must be equivalent to those mentioned above and must be legalized from the country of origin. Documents issued in countries subscribed to the Hague Apostille Convention will be received with an apostille. In the case of documents issued in countries not subscribed to the Hague Apostille Convention, they must be legalized at the Chilean Consulate of the country of origin, for their subsequent legalization and translation (when applicable) at the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. To provide proof of academic and professional background that shows the applicants’ previous education and experience, in accordance with the training requirements of the program (Applicant’s curriculum vitae).
  3. To submit a Written Statement of Purpose explaining the applicants’ interest in the program and their academic objectives to proceed with doctoral studies, including the commitments of dedication that they are subscribing. (Letter of intent and personal motivations).
  4. To demonstrate understanding of the English language, sufficient to understand it in written form, at a level that allows them to read articles, books and access international documents and databases. If the applicants do not have an English proficiency certificate, they must take a diagnostic exam to evaluate their language level and, if necessary, enroll in the courses offered by the Doctoral program Direction of the Office of the Vice President for Research to achieve the competencies required to obtain the academic degree of doctor.
  5. To submit a certificate of placement or ranking of the students among the graduates of the last 5 years or the percentile in which they were at the time of obtaining previous degrees.
  6. At least two letters of recommendation.

Graduation Requirements

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In addition, students of the Doctoral program must complete other required non-credit activities and courses to obtain their doctoral degree:

  • A Written Qualifying Examination. This written exam must be taken during the first year students are enrolled in the Doctoral program.
  • An Oral Candidacy Examination.
  • A Follow-up Activity.
  • Three Cross-cutting Skills Workshops, one of which must be of an ethical nature.
  • Certification of English language proficiency at an advanced level (ALTE 3) with application in academic fields.
  • Lead authorship on at least one scientific article under review in a mainstream journal or book.
  • A research stay/internship abroad with teams working on topics related to their thesis.

Unidades académicas

For further information, please visit the website for this Doctoral Program

For further information, please visit the website for this Doctoral Program

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