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Doctoral Program in Literature

school Degree

Doctor in Literature

schedule Duration

8 semesters

edit Application dates

17/07/2024 - 17/10/2024

date_range Classes start

March 2025

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attach_money Tuition

$5.000.000 (annually)

Program Description

The Doctoral Program in Literature was created in 2002 with the purpose of high-level training researchers in the field of literature. It is a scientific, academic program, and the theses developed in it correspond to research that contributes relevant knowledge to the discipline. However, theses that correspond to the development of artistic projects (novels, poetry books, and others) are outside the program’s framework.

Years of Accreditation

  • Seven years, up to July 2024

Program Objectives

To train, at a level of excellence, researchers able to reflect autonomously on different literary problems raised by Chilean and Latin American cultural heterogeneities, in dialogue with local and international knowledge produced in the field of literary studies.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the Doctoral program in Literature graduates are mainly characterized by the mastery of strategies that allow delimiting, defining, and analyzing a corpus linked to a literary problem that addresses the complexities of Chilean and Latin American heterogeneities, in dialogue with the artistic tradition and taking into account the academic and cultural theories of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Therefore, graduates in Literature will be able to:

  • Investigate and lead disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, to make visible, rearticulating, and/or questioning cultural problems related to cultural, gender, ethnic diversities, popular and elite subjectivities, thereby generating an observable social impact in articles, books, and seminars.
  • Teach in higher education, showing an advanced level of breadth and depth in the literary discipline, provoking reflection on their students’ contemporary events.
  • Actively participate in the design of public and private policies in the field of literature and culture, promoting an exercise that equitably benefits the entire community.

Research Areas

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Latin American Narrative.

Intermediality and Comparative Literature.

Chilean and Latin American poetry.

Theater and performance.


Popular literature, cultural, indigenous and gender studies

Colonial studies

Application Requirements

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  1. Applying to the program requires holding a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree from a Chilean university. In case of having academic degrees of foreign origin, these must be equivalent to those mentioned above. (The consideration of the equivalence of foreign academic degrees will be based on the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), created by UNESCO, in force at the date of application).
  2. To submit certificates of academic degrees in original copies or notarized copies.
  3. Curriculum Vitae detailing the applicants’ academic and professional background and previous experience, in accordance with the training requirements of the Program.
  4. Letter of Intent explaining the applicants’ interest in the program and their academic objectives to proceed with doctoral studies, including the commitments of dedication that they are subscribing.
  5. To submit an outline of research project.
  6. Reading comprehension of the English language at a level that allows working with bibliographic resources of the specialty. If case of not having a certification, applicants must take a diagnostic test during the enrollment process to determine their language proficiency level. If accepted, students must follow the courses given by the Graduate School to achieve the required competencies.
  7. Two letters of recommendation.

Graduation Requirements

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  • To have passed the study plan.
  • To have the research and the original text of the thesis approved by the thesis committee.
  • To comply with the requirements for graduation
  • To have spent a minimum of four semesters in the Program.
  • To have approved the thesis, including its public defense examination.
  • To have accredited and certified proficiency in English language and with application in academic fields, equivalent to ALTE level 3.
  • To be the main author of at least one academic paper presented at an international conference.
  • To be the main author of at least one scientific article under review in a journal with ISI, Scopus, Scielo or Latindex indexing or a book with an external editorial committee in the discipline.
  • To have passed at least three transversal skills workshops, one of which must be of an ethical nature.
  • To have completed, with the support of an external organization, the university and/or the Faculty of Literature, a research stay abroad, on topics related to their thesis and with a minimum duration of 15 days.
  • To have carried out at least two annual follow-up activities while the students were regular students, and at least one if the students were awarded two semesters of internship.

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For further information, please visit the website for this Doctoral Program

For further information, please visit the website for this Doctoral Program

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