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  2. Doctoral Program in Architecture and Urban Studies

Doctoral Program in Architecture and Urban Studies

school Degree

Doctor in Architecture

schedule Duration

8 semesters

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15/07/2024 - 16/09/2024

date_range Classes start

March 2025

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attach_money Tuition

$6.442.000 (annually)

Program Description

The Doctoral Program in Architecture and Urban Studies was created in response to the need to train qualified researchers capable of facing the challenge of basic and applied research on problems related to territory, landscape, the city, and architecture. These problems are no longer just the concern of specialists. Today they are recognized as part of public policies that affect the majority of the population and are an integral part of sustainable development.


  • Program accredited by CNA-Chile for four years until 6 September 2027.

Program Objectives

The objective of the Program is to provide postgraduate training, at the doctoral level, to graduates or masters from areas related to architecture and urban studies who are interested in developing as researchers, teachers, or innovative professionals, in an environment of interdisciplinary discussion.

Learning Outcomes

Students in the Program will develop the skills and competencies necessary to devise, propose and develop basic and/or applied research in areas related to the study of architecture, the city, and the territory. These competencies will include collaborating in interdisciplinary research projects, understanding diverse points of view on the built environment.

They will also develop the ability to practice up-to-date and quality university teaching. The competencies acquired in the Program will allow them to have a broad vision of the disciplinary perspectives involved in the area and the possible interactions between them.

Research Areas

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History and Theory of Architecture and the City.

Representation of Architecture, the City and the Territory.

Architectural, Urban and Landscape Heritage.

Architectural, Urban and Territorial Design.

Governance and Competitiveness.

Urban Development and Social Transformations.

Application Requirements

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  1. To hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in areas related to the Doctoral Program and demonstrate interest and work in the area.   In case of having academic degrees of foreign origin, these must be equivalent to those taught in the country.  The consideration of the equivalence of foreign academic degrees will be based on the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), created by UNESCO, in force at the date of application.
  2. To know and accept the interdisciplinary nature of the program as a doctoral training option and commit a minimum dedication of 33 hours per week to the program.
  3. To certify the academic background for pursuing doctoral studies, including titles and degrees obtained with the respective academic transcripts and promotion ranking.
  4. To submit a curriculum vitae (personal data, academic activity, graduate teaching, publications and research in the last three years, and other relevant background, if applicable).
  5. To submit a research proposal that includes the formulation of a topic of relevant interest, developed as a synthetic formulation of a research project and its possibilities of development within the program and with its academic resources.
  6. To have sufficient English language skills to understand academic texts (equivalent to level 75% of the Michigan Certificate of the Chilean-North American Institute of Culture). Applicants whose native language is not Spanish must also demonstrate knowledge of that language.
  7. To submit additional documents that clarify the applicants’ academic background. These include recommendations, portfolio of work, publications and others.
  8. To participate in the activities requested by the Doctoral Committee such as interviews and others that contribute to a better understanding of the applicants’ aptitudes and trajectory. To have been selected in the corresponding admission contest.

Graduation Requirements

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  • To accredit and certify English language proficiency at an advanced level, equivalent to ALTE level 3 (Association Language Testers of Europe). More information at: http://formaciongeneral.uc.cl/habilidades-comunicativas-en-ingles/requisitos-ingles/nivel-alte-3-cuatro-habilidades)
  • To be the main author of at least one scientific article or book chapter; or be the main author of a patent in process or creator of a work. Exceptionally, the respective doctoral committee may authorize non-compliance with this requirement when it is considered that this could favor the subsequent publication of articles of greater impact, or that the candidates have released their research work in a format equivalent to those mentioned above.
  • To have passed at least three cross-cutting skills workshops offered by the College of Doctoral Programs (CDP), one of which must be in ethics (More information at: http://doctorados.uc.cl/programas/desarollo-habilidades-transversales).
  • To carry out a research stay/internship abroad.
  • To carry out an academic internship.
  • To have participated in two doctoral colloquia organized by the program.
  • The program provides for the validation of elective credits for students with a Master’s degree.

Academic Units


Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban studies

For further information, please visit the website for this Doctoral Program

For further information, please visit the website for this Doctoral Program

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