¡Get ready to arrive in Chile! Get to know our Welcome Guide for International Doctorate Students

Enero 4, 2022

We know how challenging settling in a new country can be, that is why from the Graduates School (Escuela de Graduados) and the Deputy Vice-Rectorate for International Affairs (Vicerrectoría Adjunta de Asuntos Internacionales), we have created this welcome guide where you will find advice on how to prepare for your arrival in Chile along with a variety of information about the UC and life in our country.

What information can I find in this guide?

Before travelling

  • Migration Procedures: Learn about the student visa application process.
  • Health Insurance: Check the health coverage requirements to be able to enter Chile.
  • COVID-19 measures: Information on the validation process of your COVID-19 vaccination Schedule.

Arrival in Chile

  • Arrival at the airport: Check what you can and cannot bring, and how to get from the airport.
  • Migration Procedures: Learn how to apply for the identity card for foreigners and the unique password.
  • Health Care System: Learn about the health coverage in Chile and the available benefits to UC students.
  • Accommodation: Learn about where you can stay and suggestions regarding the theme.

Geography and mobility

  • About Chile: Learn about our country, its climate, its geography and its capital city.
  • Areas and Neighbourhoods in Santiago: Learn about the differences in costo f living, various services and distance to campus, in the different communes of the capital city.

Other practical information

  • Banks and Bank Accounts: Learn about the different banks that allow the opening of accounts for foreigners.
  • Mobile telephony and Internet: Learn about the costs of mobile phone plans and internet, and the different companies that offers them.

In addition, in the guide you will also find information about places to visit, shopping, entertainment, gastronomy, holidays, earthquakes, language and a telephone directory with emergency and embassies numbers. And much more!

We strongly recomend to read the entire Welcome Guide for International Doctorate Students (spanish) to carry out the formalities calmly and to have a pleasant stay in Chile. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Viviana Gaete (vigaete@uc.cl) y Claire Voisine (cvoisine@uc.cl).