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Diego Cosmelli

Responsible for the management and coordination of the Doctorate activities of the Catholic University, ensuring the quality of the doctoral programs and promoting policies and mechanisms to facilitate curricular flexibility, interdisciplinary and internationalization of doctoral training.


Executive Director

Milagros Delgado

Responsible for the management and implementation of the main activities such as performance agreements, accreditation, dissemination, changes to regulations and budget planning, among others.

Phone: 22354 1889

Academic & General Skills Development Coordinator

Cynthia Castillo

Provides assistance in the academic management of doctoral programs and in creating, modifying and monitoring curricular and transversal activities intended to enhance the supplementary skills of doctoral students.

Phone: 22354 2677

Scholarships and Grants Coordinator

Lucía Montero

Responsible for the administration, planning, and monitoring of VRI-CPD scholarships and for grant funds intended to strengthen the international aspects of graduate studies for Ph.D. students. It also provides guidance and support on these matters to both students and programs.

Phone:  22354 1861

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Malgorzata Lange

Responsible for coordinating quality assurance processes, creating and modifying study programs, managing and planning dissemination and internationalization activities.

Phone: 22354 2358

internationalization coordinator

Claire Voisine

Coordinates internationalization-related doctoral program activities. And collaborates on the design and implementation of dual degree programs and the development of relationships with strategic international partners.

Phone: 22354 5618

Doctoral Thesis Supervision Support Program Officer

Violeta Fernández

In charge of planning, implementation, evaluation, and accompaniment in the activities related to the Doctoral Thesis Supervision Program.

Phone: 22354 1040

Accreditation Officer

Denisse Lassnibatt

Is responsible for examining documents for the accreditation of doctorates, ensuring compliance with established norms and criteria of the National Accreditation Committee and with the University’s quality assurance policies. It also provides assistance to programs as part of the ongoing process of quality assurance.

Phone: 22354 6756

Responsible for Communications

Victoria Lobos

Responsible for publicizing and positioning doctoral activities in internal and external media. In addition, it supports the linking of the Directorate with its strategic target.

Phone: 22354 9225

Executive Assistant of the Director

Francis Silva

Director’s Assistant. It supports the management, coordination and financial control of grant funds and scholarships for students of the Doctoral College.

Phone: 22354 2409

Scholarships and Grants Assistant

Ana María Verdugo

Provides support and administrative assistance to the Scholarships and Grants area.

Phone: 22354 2108

Curriculum Area Assistant

María Inés Torres

Provides support to the administrative management of the Curricular Area.

Phone: 22354 6755