Research Figures

769 Research Projects

with external financing underway in 2018.

Source: Research Yearbook 2019 UC

158 I+D Projects

underway in 2016; 62 funded by ANID

Source: National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development, National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (ANID)

2.000 WoS Publications

in 2018

Source: Research Yearbook 2019 UC

2.595 Scopus Publications

Source: Research Yearbook 2019 UC

109 Patents granted

Cumulative total to December 2018

Leaders in the application

for patents in Chile

INAPI, 2019

18.5 average number of

quotations per article

An average number of citations since the year of publication, considering all ISI articles published in the period 2000-2009. Source: Web of Science - Thomson Reuters

200 Books and Chapters

200 books and book chapters per year

40 Interdisciplinary

Research Centers where

academics from different faculties participate