Health Insurance Protocol for Doctoral Students

The Doctorate Direction (DD) of the Vice Presidency of Research (VRI) provides Health Insurance for doctoral students who comply with the following characteristics:

  • Are enrolled as regular students, maximum up to the ninth semester of the doctoral program;
  • Are not covered by Fonasa, Isapre or any other health benefits system;
  • Do not have health expenses included in their Conicyt scholarship or equivalent.

Coverage provided by the Health Insurance Benefit for Doctoral Students

  • The insurance is renewed automatically on each policy anniversary.
  • Health insurance benefits are available exclusively for students.
  • Health insurance benefits granted by the DD extend only up to the ninth semester of the pertinent Ph.D. Therefore, from the tenth semester onwards, health insurance must be paid for directly by the student concerned.
  • In the event that a student’s academic situation ceases to be a “regular” situation or the student joins another health system, it is the student’s duty to request termination of the insurance contract by giving timely notice. Otherwise, charges will continue and will have to be paid by the student, because the term of the insurance is renewed automatically on an annual basis.
  • If needed, doctoral students covered by this insurance benefit can request a Certificate of Effective Coverage.

Health Insurance Instructions