Internal Scholarships

Internal scholarships are intended for students who prove that they have been unable to obtain external financing. The Graduate School has internal funding methods to support its students, to finance either full doctoral studies or to carry out supplementary internationalization activities.

Subsistence Allowances and Tuition Exemption Benefits

  • Teaching Assistant and Trainee Instructor Scholarships: these scholarships grants doctoral students a full exemption from payment of tuition fees and provide a subsistence allowance to Ph.D. students who are beginning their studies or who have passed their Doctoral Candidate exam and started work on their dissertations. Opening and closing dates for applications are coordinated to coincide with the Conicyt application period for Ph.D. scholarships in Chile.
  • Residence benefit for Ph.D. students: this grants a full exemption from tuition fees for students who have completed registration of all their credits in their doctoral program, including credits for their dissertation although they may still have not finished it.

Other Internal Scholarships

Other Benefits and Awards

  • Health Insurance: the University provides and pays a group health insurance policy, up to the ninth semester, for its doctoral students who lack health insurance. The policy generally covers the basic needs of students in the event of illness or accident.
  • Award for Excellence of Dissertation: this award acknowledges and encourages research carried out by doctoral graduates whose doctoral dissertations are a contribution to disseminating Chilean science, humanities, arts and technology.
  • Support to organize seminars: Funding to organize meetings of researchers in disciplinary or interdisciplinary subjects through seminars, symposia, workshops or the like, organized by teams of UC doctoral students.
  • Cardinal Newman Award