Insurance and Health

Student Health – Medical Unit

The University has a four-unit student health care service: Medical Unit, Psychological Support Unit, Dental Unit and Healthy Campus. Its purpose is to provide guidance and care for students’ health needs during their studies. The health care services provide timely, top quality services for medical, dental, psychological needs and emergency care. Healthy Campus (Campus Saludable) promotes an active and healthy university, through various self-management programs prepared for the UC Community.

The Psychological Support Unit has a team of psychologists and psychiatrists who are experienced in caring for university students. All regular students are eligible and their treatments are absolutely confidential.

Website: UC Student Health Service

Health Insurance

All international and Chilean students admitted to UC must be covered by a public or private insurance health-care system. If not, they must purchase insurance for this purpose during their stay at UC, to last until the completion of their studies at the University.

UC offers its students a Health Insurance Policy for Postgraduate Students that covers basic needs in the event of illness or accident. As a benefit for doctoral students, the Vice-Presidency of Research (VRI) covers the cost for the insurance for those who lack medical coverage (in Chile Fonasa or Isapre) or those who have no external financing for such purposes (Conicyt or equivalent granted by other countries). The VRI assumes the cost of health insurance for a maximum of nine semesters for doctoral program students. 

Important information for foreign Students: When purchasing UC Health Insurance, you should use the same personal identity number (RUT) with which they enrolled at the UC.

Student Health Care information:

Elba Estay


Phone: (+56) 22354 5402