Joint Doctoral Supervision

UC promotes the internationalization of research and international cooperation through dissertations under joint doctoral supervision with other universities, research internships, visiting professors and other joint actions or mobility with top-level international institutions. UC also encourages academic exchanges with non-UC students who wish to undertake a Joint doctoral supervision experience at UC.

UC endeavors to promote academic exchange through Joint doctoral supervision, a method that offers mobility to doctoral candidates by allowing them to have two dissertation advisers: one at their university of origin and another at the receiving university.

Each Joint doctoral supervision is carried out in the framework of an agreement that links the two institutions involved and specifies the terms and conditions of the Joint doctoral supervision.

Academic Degree awarded through Joint Doctoral Supervision

  • Double degree: doctoral students obtains their doctorate from their university of origin and from the receiving university abroad that provides the Joint doctoral supervision.
  • Joint degree: under the c Joint doctoral supervision method, upon completing their studies, students are awarded a single degree which is recognized by the two universities.

The ABC of Joint Doctoral Supervision